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10 Best Sociology Schools in the World | 2020

How long does it take to get a Sociology Degree?

The length of time it takes to complete a degree in sociology differs from school to school. Also, a number of other factors may affect how long you stay in school before acquiring your sociology degree.

Some of such factors may include individual challenges and obligations. In the lines that follow, you will learn about the duration for various degree programs in sociology.

Associates Degree in Sociology

Generally, an associate degree in sociology takes two years or four semesters to complete. What this program does is to lay a basic foundation for the career. Many students choose the associate degree route to gain an authentic entry knowledge experience before tackling a full four-year degree program. After completing this program, students can choose to continue to a four-year degree program.

Bachelors Degree in Sociology

Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in sociology will take you about four to five years to complete your training. During the bachelor’s program, students will focus their studies on specific areas like family, race, urban studies, gender. After completing the bachelor’s program, students will be ready for graduate studies.

Masters Degree in Sociology

A master’s degree in sociology allows students to conduct intensive research in the field of sociology. Usually, full-time graduate students pursuing a master’s degree in sociology can spend approximately two to three years studying advanced sociological theories and concepts. Fundamentally, the master’s degree in sociology is a stepping stone to a Ph.D. in sociology.



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