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2 Vital Documents You MUST Attach on Your Job Application

I always make sure that I have attached all my certificates ranging from KCSE certificate to awards from various trainings.” He adds that, “However, I was applying for a job recently and a friend happened to see all the attachments in the email which were about eight. His advice was that I shouldn’t be attaching so many documents. What documents should I therefore attach?” asks Mr Osinde in an email.

Speaking to Jacqueline Kariuki a Career Advisor with Corporate Staffing Services, she sheds more light on the issue. “The two most vital documents should be the CV and cover letter unless asked otherwise on the job advert,” says Ms Kariuki.
In a recent post written by Career Point Kenya, Perminus Wainaina a Recruitment Manager shared his advice on how exactly you should make your application.
“A cover letter should be the body of the email and that at the same time it should be sent as an attachment,” he is quoted in the article adding that sending a job application with the cover letter as the body of the email saves time for the employer as it’s easy to scroll through the letter as opposed to first downloading it and then reading it
Ms Kariuki adds that when making your application you have make sure that you have attached the documents in the format requested in the job advert. “If they ask that your CV should be in PDF format, don’t send it in Word format and vice versa,” she advices.
“Don’t attach your payslip, photos, photo copy ID, KCPE certificates and all that paraphernalia unless it’s asked for in the job advert,” adds Ms Kariuki who is the opinion that doing so, although it may seem harmless to the job seeker, it shows you are not keen in following instructions.
She adds that reading the job advert carefully is vital in the job application.
“Most adverts will ask candidates to attach supporting documents such as letters of recommendation,” she adds that things like national identity cards and testimonials, clearance certificates from CID, HELB, KRA and such bodies are documents which you will be asked to come with during the interview,” she shares.
Bottom line is, “If it has not been asked for in the job advert, do not attach it.”

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