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Job Opportunity at Leadcom Tanzania, Telecommunication Project Manager

Job Opportunity at Leadcom Tanzania, Telecommunication Project Manager

Telecommunication Project Manager

Key Duties/Responsibilities:

Executes Rollout in the Project in accordance with agreed scope and contractual commitment against project budget.

Manages the supervisors/teams regarding tasks and authorities according to the changing needs of the project.

Is responsible for planning,budgeting, preparing and executing the Rollout in the Project.

Plans, consolidates and communicates accurate rollout figures in the project for Equipment/Material & Resources Planning cooperating with the Project Manager.

Ensures that the standard site process milestones are reached as per planned schedules and cost by using global tools.

Leads and manages the subcontractors including visiting the sites regularly.

Keeps the roll-out plan up-to-date based on site-level data and input from individual functions.

Secures site and cluster acceptances or confirmations from the Customer.

Manages and implements the hand-over process for sites to Operations in the Project.

Quality assurance and client intephase.

Minimum requirements:
1.Telecom experience MINIMUM 4 years.
2. Bachelor degree preferably civil engineering /ERB .

Leadcom seeks to hire a qualified candidate for the position of a Telecommunication Project Manager


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