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Je unatafuta kazi? na Hujui pa Kuipata?

Utatumiwa  BURE Nafasi za kazi Mbalimbali Kila Siku

Training and Education Manager (Grade 11)

Responsible for training call center ,Tigo Shops,Sales Force on Tigo products/services (in collaboration with Mobile, Data, CLVM, Sales & Channel,Zones Managers), Process & System ,Customer Service & Soft skills. Ensure training is completed for all new product launches according to value proposition. Working closely with the managers on learning and development programs. Constantly working towards Higher FCR & Reducing Complaints through standardized knowledge management tools and content and quality customer acquisition. The person in this role will be measured on the quality and effectiveness of the deliverable and against the company’s targets for CSAT, customer willingness to recommend (customer advocacy) and cost to serve per Customer.

You are open-minded, passionate and the way you work energizes others. You are committed to the timely delivery of a job well done. You behave with integrity and transparency.


Production, management & delivery of the training plan for all Customer Cares and Sales Channels units, ensure that the plan reflects the needs and strategies of each department; managing the training plan for plan across all units and ensure consistency and alignment

Design and Deliver a soft skill, product, systems & processes training program across all Customer care units focusing on delivering the best customer service experience and high quality new customer acquisition. Work with units to define all training requirements and prioritize

Ensure control of all content and material to ensure consistency across all teams. Develop and manage content control and management process, be accountable for the sign off of all content to ensure all a materials are available on time for content inclusion

Assessment of quality and needs; develop and implement a quality and needs assessment program and aligning program with plans to ensure feedback is available at all times

Audit an quality control, ensure all materials and training are delivered is checked for quality and knowledge


Project management skills

Customer services experience and knowledge

Telecommunications and platforms functionality

Problem Solving and Decision Making skills

Good communications skill written and oral English and Swahili

4-5 years working experience in Telecommunications or FMCG preferred

Bachelor’s degree in communications

"We are committed to equal employment opportunities and unbiased treatment of all individuals in all employment practices"

Only Successful Candidates will be contacted.



Je unatafuta kazi? na Hujui pa Kuipata?

Utatumiwa  BURE Nafasi za kazi Mbalimbali Kila Siku

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