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International Students: Best Jobs for every Personality Type

The world is more diverse today than it has ever been thus, accommodating different personality types in the workspace. When people love what they do, they tend to do it the best of their abilities because it doesn’t feel like work at all. Join us as we take a ride to explore the best jobs for every personality type.

Chances pretty well are that you fall within one of the personality types we’ll be looking at today. This is good news because it means that you can find a job that suits you best. Strap in let’s get going, shall we?

1. Introvert

Introverts are very private people who work best alone or in small groups. They can be very focused and pay attention to detail because they enjoy concentrating on one task at a time. They can work in animal care, museum work, information technology, science as veterinarians, archivists, social media managers, computer programmers, researchers, bookkeepers, accountants, paralegals.

2. Extrovert

These are the outgoing or overly expressive lot. They enjoy working in large groups or teams. They’re comfortable speaking in public and leading group activities. They work best by multitasking. As an extrovert, you can work in human resources, public relations, sales, health, and wellness as a human resources representative. You can also work as a public relations representative, sales manager, real estate agent, physical therapist, EMT, dental hygienist, actor, etc.

3. Organizer

An organizer is outgoing, detail-oriented, and practical. S/he enjoys the community and conventional structure and order of everyday life. S/he enjoys following standard rules and procedures and likes to work in groups to gather and manage data. They can work in publishing, administration, finance, hospitality, and tourism as editors, copy editors, office managers, administrative assistants, accountants, payroll clerks.

4. Artist

The artist likes to use his/her hands as well as the mind in being creative and innovative in what they do. S/he prefers to work on their own time with limited supervision and a flexible schedule. They prefer to implement their ideas rather than manage or follow the ideas of others. They can work in design, writing, marketing, public relations, theatre, music, naturalist and environmentalist. Job positions include interior designer, product designer, graphic designer, writer, marketing/advertising executive, public relations representative, actor, composer, musician, chef. This is one of the best jobs for every personality type.

5. Caregiver

As a caregiver, you are service-oriented and a “people person.” enjoy seeing to other peoples’ needs. The caregiver enjoys working with and working for the welfare of others. They are responsible, reliable and have strong organizational skills and can work in medicine, education, social services, administration, human resources, sales.

They can work as doctors, nurses, nutritionists, speech pathologists, physical therapists, nannies, teachers, social workers, administrative assistants. They can also serve as office managers, human resource professionals, retail workers, spiritual leaders, event planners.

6. Enterpriser

An enterpriser is a born leader who enjoys mentoring others and building and maintaining teams of people. They are self-confident, ambitious, committed to completing tasks and can delegate tasks when necessary. They can work in academia, business, finance, law, government. Enterprisers can work as professors, corporate executive officers, business coaches, mortgage bankers, lawyers, judges, politicians, teachers.

7. Analyst

The analyst enjoys analyzing theories, working alone on complex problems and holding themselves to high standards. They are also very detail-oriented and can work in science, medicine, military, law/law enforcement, business, IT, finance, academia. They can serve as engineers, doctors, researchers, military leaders, lawyers, detectives, judges, corporate strategists, business managers, computer programmers, accountants, professors.

8. Idealist

The idealist enjoys working in teams to make the world a better place. S/he works best when working toward a lofty goal with a focus on social progress. S/he can work in social work, human resources, education, health and wellness, government, art.

Job positions include social workers, counsellors, teachers, speech pathologists, holistic health practitioners. They can also be physical therapists, massage therapists, politicians, photographers, designers, filmmakers, spiritual leaders/activists.

9. Realist

A realist enjoys doing and creating and working with facts to achieve tangible results. S/he enjoys working with his/her hands, using tools and machinery and is good at remaining calm in difficult situations. You can work in sports and fitness, trades, manufacturing, construction, transportation, science, business, law enforcement, agriculture. Job positions include athletes, personal trainers, carpenters, plumbers, mechanics, electricians, pilots, drivers, forensic pathologists, business analysts, policemen, detectives, firefighters, EMTs, farmers. These are some of the best jobs for every personality type.

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