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Programme Support Specialist (PSS) at Kenya Water and Sanitation Civil Society Network (KEWASNET)

Job Summary

Job Details

The Programme Support Specialist is a member of the middle-level management team and will be supporting the Head of Programmes in managing the day to day operations and implementation of the programme, including working with external resources persons such as consultants, government officials and short-term staff. The successful candidate will be responsible for the technical programme results at the regional level; planning, implementation, reporting and ensure efficient and compliant use of programme resources. Lead in programme liaison and representation at the regional level in working with regional programmes and initiatives, technical working groups and key networks.

In addition to having a strong technical background in Water Services, Water Resources Management and Sanitation and Hygiene Technical Aspects, we are looking for an individual who has strong communication skills so as to build collaborative support for the uptake of strategically relevant programming methods and use of evidence for decision-making. The individual will also have a proven ability to lead consultative processes and work in teams both internally and externally as well as a track record for working under tight timelines and with minimum supervision.


  • Masters in Water Engineering, Environmental Health, Public Health, Development Studies, or a related subject.


  • Previous experience (at least 5 years) in implementation of Water, Water Resources Management, Sanitation and Hygiene programmes and strong understanding of management, monitoring and reporting.
  • Demonstrated experience in the nurturing of organizational learning in programmes.
  • A strong understanding of the management of knowledge within NGOs or development organizations and an ability to link this to system development.
  • Experience working within government systems and/or experience influencing the policies of government agencies, private sector organizations or donor organizations – particularly in the water and sanitation sector


Technical Implementation

  • Support the Head of Programmes in the implementation of the overall KEWASNET Programme Strategy in the Country.
  • Participate in planning, coordination and implementation of programme activities
  • Take lead in capacity building initiatives; those targeting KEWASNET members, non-members, the private sector, community members, and government staff
  • Take lead and support the roll out best practices and models in Water Services Provision, Water Resources Management, Sanitation and Hygiene
  • Monitor the implementation of all projects, remotely and through regular visits to the areas of operation, ensuring that implementation progress is on track and the programme resources are efficiently and effectively used.
  • Develop terms of reference as well as work closely with external resources persons such as consultants, thematic experts, member organizations, implementing partners to ensure effective delivery of programme results.
  • Assist in the formulation of the WASH outcome and output results, related indicators, baselines, targets and means of verification and prepare required documentation for internal reviews.
  • Identify opportunities and options for improving processes, procedures and programme management approaches within (and beyond) the team, to support increased organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

Financial Management and Resource Mobilization

  • Take part in the financial management of projects to guarantee alignment with internal and donor requirements. Ensuring that the budget lines are respected and monitor financial investments for the effective and efficient use of the funds.
  • Take part in the preparation of programme and project budgets and work plans 
  • Take part in the design and development of new programme/project proposals and support the preparation of project concept notes, proposals, detailed implementation plans, costed work plans among others.

Networking and Collaboration

  • Work in conjunction with the relevant government and county departments and other partners to plan and supervise the implementation of the programme activities.
  • Strengthen collaboration and networking between project stakeholders and relevant GoK ministries on programme functions.
  • Take part in, organize and facilitate quarterly, semi-annual and annual or regular program review meetings with programme staff and partners and give feedback on programme implementation and progress.
  • Represent KEWASNET in various functions, forums relevant to programme work and as will be assigned from time to time
  • Take part in programme policy work, advocacy, networking and collaboration and creation of a positive brand for KEWASNET
  • Drive KEWASNET’s mobilization and advocacy agenda reaching out to communities where needed, the CSOs, County and National Governments in order to enhance and strengthen KEWASNET’s Voice in the sector

Programme Reporting

  • Take part in the development of high-quality technical programme reports, including progress, monthly, quarterly, annually and other donor reports.
  • Collaborate with other programme staff and network members in the development of programme reports

Research and Learning

Work closely with the MERL Specialist to:

  • Promote the integration of best practices, recommendations and lessons learnt in programme planning and future programming.
  • Contribute to institutional knowledge building and improvement of methods and techniques, initiate, foster and nature a culture of learning within KEWANEST.
  • Provide needed information for the creation of knowledge products such as newsletter, articles, working papers, policy briefs among others.
  • Cultivate linkages with WASH Learning Centers, academia and other institutions to support their collaboration on research-related endeavours
  • Coordinate delivery against collaborative agreements with external partners (academia or consultants) to provide high quality evaluation services, research and studies in relevant aspects of KEWANET’s operations.



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