Udom online application system for 2018/2019

Procedures on how to register and apply through Online Application System
  1. If you are a new applicant click the link Register to register to the system then enter your username, password and other information as shown in the form.
  2. After successfully registration you will automatically log in to the system then start filling personal particulars
    ( eg. first name, address, date of birth, next of kin etc) by clicking Personal Information and Add Details on the left panel. Then click save details.
  3. After adding personal information, you will be required to process payment by clicking Payment on left panel.
    You can pay either by
    • TigoPesa
    • CRDB bank
    If you choose TigoPesa you will be required to enter your TigoPesa number after click here, you will receive verification number (five digits number) to enter on the TigoPesa page then finally you will be required to enter your PIN.
  4. Add your academic results start with the ordinary level details (mandatory) andthen advanced level details if applicable by clicking academic result then form IV or Form VI then Add details. 
    Write respective index number then click Get Results. Make sure the displayed details are yours (name, school name and completion year).
  5. For those with equivalent entries click Educational qualifications then Add Award verification number (AVN) provided to you by NACTE. 
    Again make sure that information displayed from NACTE are yours (eg. Name, institution name, Programme and year completed ).
  6. Only for foreigners: Please attach all relevant foreign certificates and letters from NECTA and NACTE if available. Click Attachment Panel on the left panel then Add Details.
  7. Lastly choose any five programmes you are applying for, at level of certificate or Diploma or Bachelor degree. Click Application then Apply Programme on the left panel. Click Confirm to submit your application. Please check your application status every now and then.

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Graduate Applicants Date : 30th May 2018  Application Fee : 50,000/= Soma pia

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