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NECTA: Physics Examination format for CSEE 2019

(For Both School and Private Candidates)
This revised Physics examination format is based on the 2007 Physics syllabus. The 2007
syllabus has been improved to focus more on acquisition of competences rather than content and
it also includes new topics, Sustainable energy and Geophysics. Hence, the 2001 Physics
examination format had to be revised to accommodate the changes in the revised syllabus of
According to the revised format, the two added topics in the syllabus will increase the scope of
assessing candidates’ competences specific to the Physics subject as well as gauge their
awareness in environmental and sustainable energy issues. The format also proposes to exclude
the Alternative to Practical from the examination papers and this will be put into the practice
when approved by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training.
The revised examination format will be effective in 2011. This implies that the 2001 Physics
examination format will continue to be used up to 2010.
The general objectives of the Physics examination are to test the candidates’ ability to:
2.1 develop knowledge of concepts, laws, theories and principles of Physics
2.2 use procedures of scientific investigation
2.3 use scientific principles on conservation and suitable use of the environment
2.4 demonstrate manipulative skills to manage various technological appliances
2.5 develop the language of communication in physics.
The examination will assess the candidates’ ability to:
3.1 use Physics knowledge, principles and concepts in daily life
3.2 demonstrate scientific methods in solving problems in daily life
3.3 demonstrate technological skills in conservation and sustainable use of the environment
3.4 manage simple technological appliances
3.5 use the language of Physics in communication.
There will be two (2) papers.
4.1 031/1 PHYSICS 1 THEORY
This paper will consists of eleven (11) questions in sections A, B and C. Candidates will
be required to answer all the questions in sections A and B and one (1) question from
section C. The paper will be of 3 hours duration.
Section A will consist of three questions. Question 1 with ten multiple choice items,
question 2 with ten matching items and question 3 with ten filling- in- the- blanks items.
Candidates will be required to answer all the questions in this section. This section will
weigh 30 marks.
Section B will consist of six (6) long answer questions. Candidates will be required to
answer all the questions in this section. This section will weigh 60 marks.
Section C will consist of two (2) questions aimed at assessing the candidates’ skills in
management of Physics apparati and simple technological appliances in everyday life.
Candidates will be required to answer only one (1) question. The section will weigh 10
This paper will consist of two (2) questions and candidates will be required to answer
both questions. Question one will come from topic Mechanics and question two will
come from Heat, Light, Waves or Electricity topics. Each question will weigh 25 marks.
The paper will be of 2½ hours duration.
(i) Advance instructions will be sent to schools at least one month before the date of
sitting for this paper. However, there will be no 24 hours advance instructions and
the envelope containing the question papers will not be opened 24 hours before the
time of commencement of the examinations.
(ii) More than one alternative papers will be prepared and sent to schools according to
the number of candidates taking the paper. Alternative A will be sent to schools with
up to 100 candidates, alternatives A and B to schools with candidates not exceeding
200 and alternatives A, B and C to schools with more than 200 candidates.
5.1 Mechanics
5.2 Heat
5.3 Light
5.4 Waves
5.5 Electricity
5.6 Electromagnetic
5.7 Radioactivity
5.8 Thermionic emission
5.9 Electronics
5.10 Elementary astronomy
5.11 Geophysics
5.12 Sustainable energy

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